Phones For The Sex Industry

Changes in telephone technology have had a huge impact on the way the escort business works. In some places anyway. The escort industry in Spain is largely done on WhatsApp, but in England there are still an enormous number of SMS texts and phone calls. Phone calls to the escort agency landlines even outnumber the calls to mobiles. Which seems incredibly odd to someone who has been working in the Spanish industry for many years.

Voice calls and texts are painful and awkward for the receptionists of an escort agency. You cannot send photos, they are very labour intensive and amazingly insecure. If you are representing the highest class escort Malaga has to offer, speed of service and security are critical factors. So messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber are a significantly better choice for all sorts of reasons. Mainly, they just make it far easier and simpler for both the clients and the escorts. And ultimately that is what matters. Well actually, what really matters is the ability to turn inquiries into bookings and therefore cash as quickly and effectively as possible.

Then again, when an escort or an escort organization secretary loses their telephone, that sucks beyond what you can envision, particularly in the event that they are not actually sufficiently advanced. In the event that they have put away their contacts on their SIM, or on the telephone itself, at that point they are essentially screwed.

Rehash customers won't have the capacity to get in touch with them, and they can't contact customers to give them their new telephone number. On the off chance that they have been sufficiently brilliant to utilize Google contacts or the identical, at that point their contacts will be upheld up to a cloud server and no incredible misfortune. A huge activity to contact everybody and ensure they know your new number, however it very well may be finished.

The genuine issue is in the informing applications. Since they don't back up similarly. On the off chance that you have to change SIM, you will lose all your WhatsApp messages. What's more, much of the time that implies the greater part of your business is lost to you in a moment. Disastrous business disappointment since somebody left their telephone in a bistro.


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