Monday, 22 August 2016

Fashion and Marbella Escorts

Fashion and Marbella are two words that fit together very well in the minds of many people. But often less so for the residents who are there all year round who watch the tourists and escorts in Marbella come and go (pun intended).

Certainly Marbella and Puerto Banus are filled with clothes shops and boutiques. In fact, the streets around the marina of Puerto Banus accommodate more designer shops than most major cities. To name just a small selection; Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloe, YSL, Chanel and aven Tom Ford all have their own boutiques there, and presumably do enough business to make it worthwhile staying there. Rodeo Drive on the Mediterranean.

sexy excort nude tight silk dress under woolen coat hand on hip
Always a good combination
And there are also lots of small boutiques around the place, though the nature of these has changed dramatically in the past few years since the 2008 banking crisis changed things so much in the Marbella housing market. Before then, the small stores were mainly high end and very chic, offering designers not available anywhere else locally. Now, they are mainly selling cheap flashy party dresses for girls who want to look sexy in the nightclubs without spending too much cash. Flash but no cash; it could almost have been Marbella´s slogan at times over the past few years!

But that is where the problem comes in, fashion-wise. Whatever the weather or season, the tourists (especially the females) arrive ready to party and bring their best bandage dresses, flouncy mini
skirts, high heels and little else. The locals, on the other hand, are cold at eighteen degrees and are safely wrapped up and stylish in jeans or leggings, boots and warm coats. Which produces an interesting mix of styles in somewhere like La Sala, where the locals and tourists mix.

It produces an even more schizophrenic reaction in the Marbella escorts who live in the town all year rather than travelling in just for the summer season. Do they dress elegantly and warmly like the local they are, or ignore the weather and dress as they would in the summer to compete with the tourists? Indecision is fatal, as you end up with girls wearing revealing dresses and warm tights – rarely a good look!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Escorts Of Mayfair Adapt To The Seasons

I love Mayfair at every time of the year. Obviously the trees and nature within Hyde Park has its different charms with every season; the different shades of green that nowhere else in the world manages to achieve in the summer; the leaves blowing across the lawns and paths in the autumn; the bare naked sculptures of the trees against the winter skyline; and the flowers poking their heads through to try and find some sun and decent weather in the English spring.

But I also love the different people that the seasons bring into London. Obviously the summer is dominated by tourists, walking past the great London hotels that they have heard of but can never afford to stay in; The Dorchester, Grosvenor House, Four Season, the Connaught and The
mayfaor escort high heeled thigh boots and black shorts
Not for The Dorchester, dear
Milennium. I also adore watching the tourists make their discoveries for the first time; walking around a nondescript corner into Grosvenor Square, realising how Park Lane leads to Marble Arch, just how damn far it is to Harrods, even across the park!

In the winter it is all about Christmas and business. And the business of Christmas. And in the spring and autumn you are never sure who you will come across. It could be a film star staying locally while they shoot, a business person rushing from one meeting to the next, a nice family mooching around with nowhere special to be, or a local hanging out in one of the cafes or hotels watching the world go by just like you.

And with the changing seasons also come the fashions, which is where my friends who are some of London's high class escorts have to be very aware and on-trend. You cannot expect to fit naturally (if stunningly!) into the milieu of Mayfair without knowing how to dress. And if you want to be a professional escort in Mayfair you had better know how to fit in, whatever the weather or season. Chic and elegant are the watchwords for every season. You cannot wander into the Dorchester blue with cold wearing stripper shoes and a crop top from Top Shop. Well, not if you want to be admitted anyway! But for three seasons a good coat will always get you through, especially with a good pair of shoes. And if you happen to be naked underneath, well who is to know apart from your beau?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sexy Ibiza and Marbella Escorts

The sexiest escorts Ibiza has to offer definitely come from Ibiza Beauties by The Ibiza Escort Agency. The girls of Ibiza Beauties are sexy, sensual and elegant. They are are also good fun, nice to be with and ready for a good time. They really understand that Ibiza is all about fun, chilling and out and out sexuality. And they offer all of those in spades!

ibiza escort bikini pants and booty shortsFull on hooker dress is totally inappropriate in Ibiza. Bandage dresses and sex inch stripper heels just look totally out of place. And if you are with a girl who is wearing them she might as well have a taxi meter over her head as it is so obvious you are renting her by the hour.
Do not misunderstand, that really does have its charms and lots of men love the added erotic charge of being seen out with an obvious Ibiza escort. But most men are looking for a more discreet service; a true girl friend experience where they have the experience of being with the perfect girlfriend for an evening or an hour.

In Marbella, the people to talk to when you are looking for a good time and great relaxation are the sexy escort girls from Marbella Beauties by The Marbella Escort Agency. While Ibiza is casual, boho chic and “hippy”, Marbella is all glamour, all the time. Full make up to the beach, heels at all times, bling with everything!

The sexiest escorts Marbella can provide work with Marbella Beauties and they really understand that bling is the thing. Sexy, glamorous, beautifully turned out at all times. They are exactly the kind of woman that you want on your arm in a bar. Or turning up at your door in three in the morning with a sexy little smile on her face...
Girls who are NOT escorts in Marbella

In many ways Ibiza and Marbella are total opposites. Marbella is all about tight bandage dresses on even tighter bodies, skyscraper high Louboutin heels and Louis Vuitton handbags. And that is just the average teenager out shopping with her parents!

If you see a girl wearing jeans and flat shoes on a night out in Marbella or Puerto Banus then she is almost certainly a working girl. And not a good one at that. So the girls who work with Marbella Beauties are full on sex and glamour, all the time. They out-do the already sexy tourist and local population of Marbella and take the breath away as they walk into the room. Sex appeal, elegance, style. That is just the entry ticket if a girl wants to be represented by Marbella Beauties. Beyond that they also need to be good fun, and to be a good companion. Performance in the bedroom is not the only criteria for an amazing escort. Though it is always a good starting place!

Marbella Beauties and Ibiza Beauties are definitely the people to conact next time you are in either town.

Easy Money Is Hard Work

It is not easy being an escort. And I do not mean the usual cliché issues of human trafficking, sexual violence, sexually transmitted diseases and general sexual health. True and real as those issues are, and important as they are for any working girl to be aware of at whatever end or niche of the market she might work, what I am really talking about is the work aspect. Being a professional sex worker (as opposed to a semi professional “girlfriend”) is bloody hard work. Running any small business is hard. Running any small business where you are the product (training, consultancy, public speaking, or other ways of being a whore, LOL) is even harder.

The hours can be grueling for any working girl, especially if she is somewhere such as Ibiza or Marbella during the summer. There the majority of the bookings start either around two in the morning when a client decides not to try his luck at a club, or at seven in the morning as the clubs empty. Basically, when guys have been up all night to get lucky and have not, that is when a working girl can expect to get called.

hot body in purple bikini on beach
Looking like this is not easy
Which sounds fine, lots of people work at night; night club staff, bar workers, taxi drivers. But the really big bookings then tend to start at dinner time. There are nothing like as many, but you need to be awake, functioning and looking good for them. So that extends the day.

And looking good twenty-four-seven takes a lot of work and maintenance foe even the most natural beauty. Hair salons, nail parlours, shoe lingerie and clothes shops are an essential support system for a girl whose business is her looks. And they tend not to be open at midnight! Not even in Spain!

And then there are the rigours of diet and exercise. If you are in the business of selling your body, it had better be in damn good shape. Particularly if you may be expected to actively and enthusiastically engage in horizontal aerobics for several hours every day in addition to your normal work out regimen.

Let alone the standard issues of book keeping, banking, paying bills and taxes, and all the other business admin issues that anyone who operates a business and wants to stay out jail needs to get covered.

All in all, if you want to make easy money, you have to be prepared to work like crazy!